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Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

The media landscape is always evolving, and social media techniques don’t stay the same. Let our experienced team teach yours how to be the best in their field.

From radio to print to live television interviews, Gambel Communications has the expertise to prepare the face (or faces) of clients for any media interview opportunity. Media training includes the basics of dealing with the print and broadcast media, messaging and delivery techniques, content-specific messaging and on-camera practice.

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media training

A natural looking interview is easy to acheive—if you know the right tips. Learn how to avoid embarrassing faux pas and put your best foot forward in this essential course.

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nonprofit workshop

Let’s face it, many nonprofits are working on shoestring budgets with enthusiastic but misguided volunteers. As experts in the nonprofit field, Gambel can transform and level up your donor communications program.

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social media workshop

Social media is simple, right? If your team has the time and capacity to handle your social media accounts, but lacks the expertise to execute, than a social media workshop is right for you. Gambel can create a social media training tailored to your team’s level and skillset, and help support where it counts. See more options for how Gambel can help you with Social Media Management.