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Celebrating Ten in a Big Way: Opening the Book to a New Chapter


The Gambel team gets introduced to our new office space

Written by: Betsie Gambel, President

A few years ago, I wrote a blog on our congested office space. Now don’t get me wrong, Gambel Communications has a great office space!  In fact, when guests enter, their first reaction is how much the setting reflects who we are: bright and inviting, sharp and contemporary, stylish and accessible. Our office is truly a personification of our staff and company philosophy. Located above a coffee shop, nail salon and dress shop, Gambel Communications could not ask for more perfect neighbors for its all-female staff.

So, why would we want to move?

While 2019 is our tenth anniversary, a milestone is hardly reason enough to move. But for us, the timing is impeccable. First and foremost, we are growing. A dozen women in 1,000 square feet is a bit cozy. And even though we are all rarely here at the same time, the constant phone calls, across desk chats and “newsroom” environment leave little “think” time. Even though we are a convivial bunch, we need at least occasional access to peace and quiet.

“So, what would you want in an ideal office?” I asked the Gambel Girls.  Two conference rooms; a “phone booth”; a full kitchen with icemaker and dishwasher; a few private offices as well as collaborative spaces; standup and sit down desks; a cool outdoor area for sunning, snacking and, of course, strategizing; a reception area; two restrooms; a shower for freshening up from outdoor bashes to indoor blasts; AV for presentations; space for holding training sessions; parking; and convenient geographically as well as close to restaurants, cafes and shopping. Above all, the building must reflect who we are. And one more thing-I wanted to own (as I do now), not lease.

Whew! No wonder it took two years! But we did it. Our new address will soon be 2701 Ridgelake Drive. While not my lifelong 70005 zip code, 70002 is close enough and still below Causeway (near Perino’s, Lakeside and Trader Joe’s).  All the boxes are checked, and we will soon have triple the space. And “bookend” offices, on either end of Causeway.

So, what are my expectations? Truthfully, I may have a few pangs of mover’s remorse, as I love our current space; afterall, it has served us well for ten years. I will have to get used to not hopping down to Royal Blend Coffee Shop for a pick-me-up or popping into Little Miss Muffin for a quick gift. In the new space, being on two floors rather than one level will be an adjustment. But the space! Oh, the thoughts we will think and the plans we will plot!  I expect productivity will soar and that the Gambel Girls will quickly relish the choice to work in a more private space or collaboratively. And did I mention parking? No more jockeying for a coveted parking spot in Friedrichs Square.

Right now we are in the permitting and pre-construction phase. With Phase 1 construction imminent, hopefully it will not be too long before we can start moving in and adding our special touches to make 2701 Ridgelake our home. Phase 2, the conference center, will follow.

Our busy New Orleans office has served us well. Now with a new location, we are turning the pages to a new chapter. And as we know, the best part of the book is the next chapter!

Rosalind Hall