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Leprechaun Kicks for Marketing Tips

Written by Mariah Weinand, Communications Strategist

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and in my hometown of Chicago, parades go together like an Irish brogue and a Guinness. The entire city seems to believe they’ve arrived in Chicago from Dublin on March 1st, when St. Patrick’s season commences. The city dyes the river green, street performers learn to play “Oh, Danny Boy” on their respective instruments, young Irish dancers jig down the street, and there always seems to be a lingering smell of stale beer and Irish soda bread in the air.

Of course, New Orleans has its own St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that refuse to take a back seat to Chicago’s festivities. Since Gambel’s office is near the Metairie Road parade route, we’ll surely have a stash of St. Patrick’s Day beads at the office to celebrate.

With all this revelry going on, how can businesses stand out? Holidays are the time to think outside the box. Here are a couple of tips to catch your customer’s eye this St. Patrick’s Day season:

  • Offer a sale to anyone who comes in wearing green, and don’t forget to promote the sale on social media.

    • Use your Instagram story. Be creative and authentic in your posts. Share a boomerang with your employees attempting a leprechaun kick or a simple image of the team sporting their green gear.

    • Offer 20 percent off a customer’s first drink if they’re wearing green at your restaurant. Retail stores could offer a 20 discount on accessories for customers in Irish attire!

  • Decorate your store front in festive colors.

    • Hang a fun wreath on your door and decorate a store sign with a clever Irish saying, such as, “Sláinte!”

  • Throw in a gift to anyone who comes into the store on St. Patrick’s Day.

    • Order those little chocolate gold coins that seem to be everywhere throughout March and place a few coins down with the bill or have a basket next to the door.

  • Send some good luck through your newsletter.

    • Create a postcard in your email server and send it out so your customers know you’re thinking of them. A silly photo of your staff dressed as leprechauns can brighten a client’s day and will keep your business top of mind. If you’re having a sale, this is a great way to remind them.

  • Pass out complimentary green smoothie samples or Irish soda bread to customers to enjoy as they shop.

    • Enhance your customer’s shopping experience with festive refreshments to enjoy as they browse. Who doesn’t love to shop and eat at the same time?

Everyone loves a good holiday celebration, and it’s important for businesses to use this to their advantage by incorporating holidays into their business plans. Don’t stop after St. Patrick’s Day; continue planning specials surrounding upcoming holidays such as Earth Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo and all other holidays. It’s a great way to keep your content fresh, customers engaged and business thriving.

Anna LeDonne