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Case Study

Reily Foods Co. National Sandwich Day


Reily Foods Company is one of the oldest food brands in New Orleans. The company encompasses several major brands including Blue Plate Mayonnaise, French Market Coffee and Luzianne Iced Tea. In 2018, after two previous successful events with Gambel Communications, Reily Foods again turned to the Gambel team with the objective of increasing public relations and grassroots community engagement for Blue Plate Mayonnaise.  

As part of its recommendations, Gambel curated a “pop up” po’boy giveaway for National Sandwich Day on November 2. Gambel facilitated partnerships with two other iconic New Orleans brands, Chisesi Brothers Meats and Leidenheimer Baking Company, to put on the event. In 2016, to “test the waters,” the brands made and handed out 300 sandwiches under a small tent outside Gallier Hall in downtown New Orleans during lunchtime when people traditionally come out of their high-rise offices to get a midday meal. In 90 minutes, all the sandwiches were gone, and all four TV stations covered the event. 

 Then in 2017, Reily set out to celebrate National Sandwich Day, again partnering with Leidenheimer Baking Company and Chisesi Brothers Meats. The partners decided to set a new goal of creating the longest po’boy in New Orleans on record.   

For its third year, Reily and its partners turned again to Gambel Communications to coordinate the National Sandwich Day event and raise awareness through media relations. Working with the same goal of breaking a record for New Orleans’ longest po’boy and adding a new element – a high-profile sandwich eating contest, Gambel developed a strategic plan to draw new media attention to the celebration and to display key partnerships between Reily and the community. Additionally, Gambel coordinated with local chefs to help assemble the giant po’boy, with Parkway Bakery’s Justin Kennedy at the helm. 


To get the word out about National Sandwich Day 2018, Gambel successfully arranged several media opportunities, including spots on all four major local stations. Leading up to National Sandwich Day, Gambel Communications handled media relations and earned extensive press coverage in print media, online media, television and radio. Gambel met with targeted local media to generate public support, as well as create a key community partnership. Gambel Communications also worked to secure several live remote segments as well as the record for the longest po’boy in New Orleans.  



The previous year’s record of a 352 ft. po’boy was exceeded, coming in at 500 ft. long. Patrons were able to sample products from Blue Plate Mayonnaise, Chisesi Brothers and Leidenheimer Baking Company. Gambel successfully coordinated the high-profile sandwich eating contest and secured the participation of New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, Fox 8 news reporter Rob Krieger and local celebrity chef and Chopped! contestant Gavin Jobe. Gambel raised local awareness for Blue Plate, Chisesi and Leidenheimer, solidifying the trio as the   ultimate New Orleans union of bread, meat and condiments. 

By all accounts, National Sandwich Day 2018 was a success. Reily Foods Company received extensive media coverage and local awareness in its targeted markets, as well as national outlets, and a record was set for New Orleans’ longest po’boy …a “national treasure” for the people of New Orleans!